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Heat and Temperature
[Haba dan Suhu]

Boyle's Law / Hukum Boyle


Heat From The Sun [Haba dari Matahari]

Linear expansion [Pengembangan Linear ]

Assignment Guide / Panduan tugasan

Assignment Guide 1(a) / Panduan tugasan 1(a)

Molecule motion / gerakkan molekul

Triple Point / Takatigaan

Motion - Velocity - time

Motion - Excercise
Question 1(a) / Soalan 1(a)

Power / rate of radiation given by H = esAT-4
Where ; H = Power / rate of radiation - given indirectly by the power of the lamp
e = emissivity of surface - 40% of black body. Black body is considered as 100% radiative. (e=1) .
s = Stefan Boltzman constant. Given in the question .
A = surface area - can be calculated from the given diagran
T = Temperature .- This is what you have to calculated.
SUIbstitude all the known valeus, you will get the answer.

Question 2