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Heat and Temperature
[Haba dan Suhu]

Boyle's Law / Hukum Boyle


Heat From The Sun [Haba dari Matahari]

Linear expansion [Pengembangan Linear ]

Assignment Guide / Panduan tugasan

Assignment Guide 1(a) / Panduan tugasan 1(a)

Molecule motion / gerakkan molekul

Triple Point / Takatigaan

Motion - Velocity - time

Motion - Excercise
This is a guide for question 1 (a)

Question 1(a) : Vapourization of ice involve 4 stages of heat absorbtion.

From ice at -73 C to ice at 0 C
From ice at 0 C to water at 0 C
From water at 0 C to water at 100 C
From water at 100 C to steam at 100 C
Calculate the amount of heat need in every stage and then total them up.